Three Rivers State Park

Violet Sky at Three Rivers State Park, Sneads, Florida

Along the tranquil shores of Lake Seminole just a short drive from the city of Sneads, is Three Rivers State Park. A beautiful landscape offering plenty of outdoor activities and even space for overnight lodging. It is a unique destination due to its connection to three different rivers and three different states.

History of Three Rivers State Park

The term “Three Rivers” comes from the converging of the Chattahoochee, Flint and Apalachicola Rivers that flow in and out of the lake. It was the building of the Jim Woodruff Dam in 1947 that flooded the area to create Lake Seminole. The lake is named after the Seminole Indians who once lived in the area.

In 1955, the area became a state park and has since offered outdoor recreational opportunities to visitors. There are 686 acres of land at Three Rivers State Park.

Lake Seminole from Three Rivers State Park, Sneads, Florida

Fun Facts About Three Rivers State Park

Glance across Lake Seminole from the state park and you can see the Peach State aka Georgia!

The lake is 37,500 acres and borders Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

At its longest stretch the lake spans 35 miles north from the dam.

Lake Seminole from Three Rivers State Park, Sneads, Florida

Visiting Three Rivers State Park

Activities at Three Rivers State Park include cycling, hiking, boating, fishing, picnicking and birding. In the picnic areas there are also playgrounds and a pavilion for events. Camping is also available at the park. There is one cabin available to rent on site that features one bedroom and one bathroom for guests to stay in. At the park are 30 campsites available for tent and RV’s.

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Also nearby is the town of Two Egg, the haunted Bellamy Bridge and Lazy Acres Family Farm!

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Ludington State Park

Violet Sky at Ludington State Park, Ludington, Michigan

Explore the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in this scenic landscape. Playing in the sand, watching seagulls frolic and boats sail by from Ludington State Park is a fun adventure! Not only are the beaches beautiful also be sure to explore the lighthouse on the north end of the park!

Located near Ludington, Michigan about 70 miles north of Muskegon is this gorgeous state park. Ludington State Park is a popular destination for swimming, hiking, boating and exploring the beachfront paradise. With 5,300 acres of natural scenic shoreline and woods, this park offers a wonderful experience for day trips or even camping overnight.

Violet Sky at Ludington State Park, Ludington, Michigan

Whether you are exploring this park in the early spring or late fall there are always beautiful scenery to discover. My favorite experience at this park was being able to hike along the sand dunes while observing the Big Sable Point Lighthouse in the distance.

Visiting Ludington State Park

Michigan state parks entrance fees are discounted for residents vs non-residents of the state. For current rates and information regarding admission please visit

For camping reservations and information check out the following link

Enjoy the sun and sand at Ludington State Park!

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Vista Cliffside Restaurant

Vista Cliffside Restaurant, Cheaha State Park, Alabama

After hiking about 6 miles round trip on Chinnabee Silent Trail, swimming in two gorgeous waterfalls and exploring some of the beautiful scenery of Talladega National Forest, it was nice to sit down for a relaxing sunset and a delicious dinner. Vista Cliffside Restaurant is located within Cheaha State Park and features a variety of menu options for diners.

The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating as well as conference rooms for events. Any seating in this unique rustic style venue offers the spectacular views from atop the highest point in Alabama, Cheaha Mountain.

Vista Cliffside Restaurant, Cheaha State Park, Alabama

The burger was definitely a delicious treat after the long day of adventure in the wilderness. Complete with a juicy hamburger patty slathered in cheese and topped with lettuce, tomato and pickles this burger was well appreciated.

Not only is this restaurant a great place to eat, it is one of the only restaurants in the area for hikers, campers and visitors. Best of all, what better view can you ask for than miles of sprawling mountains in the countryside.

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