Violet Sky at Jimmy Carter’s Birthplace

While the Wise Sanitarium may seem like a small local hospital, it actually has a lot of historical significance. In its day it was the birthplace of an American President and the place of work of his mother.


The Wise Sanitarium was built in 1921 by the Wise brothers. These brothers were all doctors and the children of local farmers. Together they opened the 60 bed hospital that would serve the residents of Plains, Georgia. It was at this hospital that many nurses for miles around would come to be trained in the sciences of human health and care.

In 1924, Lillian Carter was employed at Wise Sanitorium as a nurse when she gave birth to her son, James Carter on October 1. James “Jimmy” Carter grew up to be the 39th President of the United States. The significance of his birth is in the fact that he was the first president to be born in a hospital.

After years of caring for citizens of the local community, Wise Sanitorium was renamed in 1976. It reopened as the Lillian G. Carter Health and Rehabilitation Center, in honor of President Carter’s mother. The facility is still in business and continues to care for people of the area.

Violet Sky at Jimmy Carter’s Birthplace, Plains, Georgia

Violet Sky’s Visit

I found the stop at Jimmy Carter’s birthplace to be a fun excursion! After all it isn’t every day you get to see the birthplace of a president! Discovering that he was the first president to be born in a hospital was a neat fact that I learned during the visit.

Even though tours of the facility are not available it is still interesting to see the historic building.

How to Visit

While the Lillian G. Carter Health and Rehabilitation Center is not open for tours, there is a memorial plaque out front that makes for a fun photo. The sign is free to visit and is located in front of the center on Hospital Street.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

Violet Sky has had a life long passion for adventure! Growing up in Michigan and spending time traveling to over 31 states on family vacations by her eighteenth birthday gave her an appreciation for the open road. After finding the most beautiful beach she has dedicated her home port to Panama City Beach, Florida.

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