Violet Sky at the Cajun Corner, Eufaula, Alabama

The Cajun Corner Restaurant is a cute dining spot in the historic city of Eufaula, Alabama. After all, when in the deep south, why not try some local cuisine? With a variety of menu options this place has an excellent blend of seafood, Creole and Cajun cuisines.


This restaurant is very historic in style and is located inside an old hotel. The brick walls and corner location make it nearby the center of all the downtown action. The architecture gives visitors the feeling of stepping back in time in the South.

Violet Sky’s Visit

My visit to the site was in the evening during dinner time. I was really surprised by the variety of menu options. The atmosphere was also intriguing as it shed light on a New Orleans style restaurant.

Violet Sky at the Cajun Corner, Eufaula, Alabama

How to Visit

The restaurant is located at the corner of Eufaula Avenue and Broad Street. The restaurant has dining options both indoors and outside for those beautiful summer nights.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

Violet Sky has had a life long passion for adventure! Growing up in Michigan and spending time traveling to over 31 states on family vacations by her eighteenth birthday gave her an appreciation for the open road. After finding the most beautiful beach she has dedicated her home port to Panama City Beach, Florida.

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