Violet Sky in Historic Pensacola, Florida

In an effort to preserve the historic places of Pensacola, the city in partnership with the University of West Florida designated spaces for this district to be maintained. What makes this cute little area so unique is that the streets and all the buildings make visitors feel like they are stepping back in time! I thought this was such an awesome place to visit because the homes and businesses are tastefully restored with a nostalgic feel. The streets are designed as though you are actually visiting the places years ago and tidbits of history in front of the buildings embrace this sensation.

Violet Sky in Historic Pensacola, Florida

Another exciting aspect of the area is the ability to follow the Colonial Archaeological Trail. Featuring multiple historic locations throughout the downtown area of Pensacola, the Colonial Archaeological Trail is an excellent way to witness the preservation of local history. As you venture through the trail a unique aspect of this walking tour is the key locations that were previously used in the area. The occupation of Pensacola by Spain, Britain and now the United States have all left a trace in the archaeology of the region.

Violet Sky in Historic Pensacola, Florida

Shown above is the Lear-Rocheblave House. John and Kate Lear built their timeless home in downtown Pensacola in 1888, although they never actually lived in the home it still stands today as a symbol of the past. The residence was built upon the grounds of a 1700s British building. The house was built of strong construction and featured a grand porch and balcony upon each floor. The elegant door welcomes visitors in to see its beautiful architecture sprinkled with tidbits of history. The home gained the second part of its name after a local tugboat captain by the name of Benito Rocheblave purchased the residence in 1897. The Rocheblave family had resided in the area since 1817 during the time of Colonial Spanish rule.

Violet Sky in Historic Pensacola, Florida

Another important building in the district is the Old Christ Church. This beautiful, historic church was built in 1832 and known for its longevity in the city of Pensacola. Not only is this house of worship considered to be one of the oldest church buildings in Florida, it the oldest masonry church in the state which still stands on the original foundation.

So many other great historic places are available to visit in the downtown Pensacola area! For more information about visiting Historic Pensacola, please visit

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

Violet Sky has had a life long passion for adventure! Growing up in Michigan and spending time traveling to over 31 states on family vacations by her eighteenth birthday gave her an appreciation for the open road. After finding the most beautiful beach she has dedicated her home port to Panama City Beach, Florida.

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