Violet Sky at Morrison Springs, Redbay, Florida

Picture yourself floating along on a warm summer day, soaking up the sun and beneath you water so clear you can see all the aquatic life from the surface. Morrison Springs in Walton County, Florida is a great place to take a swim that is off the beaten path for most travelers. Known for its underwater caves which allure divers and have been measured to plunge to about 300 feet in depth.

Violet Sky at Morrison Springs, Redbay, Florida

About Morrison Springs

Every day approximately 48 million gallons of water flow into this gorgeous natural spring which then float out to Choctawhatchee River. The caves that plummet beneath the surface allow great spaces for snorkeling and even diving for those that are experienced.

For years it was just a local place to cool off in the hot summer heat, but Walton County currently has a lease from the state of Florida which allows it to be a 161 acre park open to the public.

Violet Sky at Morrison Springs, Redbay, Florida

Visiting Morrison Springs

Located down some beautiful down country roads, Morrison Springs is about 6 miles south of I-10 at Ponce de Leon and 40 miles north of Panama City Beach.

See the map below for a more detailed location.

There is a pavilion, restrooms, dive gear rinse station, boat ramp, raft and sandy beach all at the park. When visiting the park there is no entrance fee but parking does fill up quickly in the summer months.

This park is a wonderful place to go swimming and exploring nature. Be sure to grab your swimsuit along with an inner tube and hit the water!

Violet Sky at Morrison Springs, Redbay, Florida

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

Violet Sky has had a life long passion for adventure! Growing up in Michigan and spending time traveling to over 31 states on family vacations by her eighteenth birthday gave her an appreciation for the open road. After finding the most beautiful beach she has dedicated her home port to Panama City Beach, Florida.


    1. Hello Geri,
      Thanks for reading. According to, the average temperature year round is 65 degrees F. In the summer water temperatures may be a bit warmer, but still stay within the 65-70 degree range due to the amount of water releasing from the depths of the spring.


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