Violet Sky outside Gilley’s in Dallas, Texas

Named for the famous country music singer Mickey Gilley, Gilley’s Dallas was created in 2003 as a honky tonk venue for the metropolitan area. Every year this exclusive event center hosts huge gatherings that provide entertainment and excitement for thousands of people.

Their events range from corporate events to weddings as well as concerts for popular music artists.

The location of Gilley’s is just off from the union of I-30 and I-35 in downtown Dallas in the South Side District. It’s address is 1135 Lamar Street, Dallas, TX.

Violet Sky outside Gilley’s in Dallas, Texas

This venue is often mistaken for the original honky tonk located in Pasadena, Texas (also called Gilley’s) that was featured in the 1980 movie “Urban Cowboy” starring John Travolta and Debra Winger.

Unfortunately, the original Gilley’s in Pasadena was closed in 1989 and burned down due to arson a year later.

The current Gilley’s Dallas displays the mechanical bull that was portrayed in the movie as one of their attractions.

Violet Sky outside Gilley’s in Dallas, Texas

While Gilley’s Dallas is only open for private tours and events, it is still a cool place to visit for a quick photo shoot if you are in the area and especially for a country music fan. The surrounding older buildings contribute to this classic step back in time feel for this locale.

With over 90,000 square feet of event space this venue is perfect for someone looking to host an activity in the metropolitan Dallas area. For more information about Gilley’s Dallas visit

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