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  • St. Augustine’s City Gates
    These city gates were once the only entrance into the streets of St. Augustine. Built in 1808 of sturdy stone, the gates served as a wall of protection for the settlement. Several times the city had been invaded and it…
  • Frederick Douglass’ Visit to St. Augustine
    On Sunday, April 7, 1889, Frederick Douglass spoke to the residents of St. Augustine at this spot. Of course his speech took place at the Genovar Opera House which burnt in a fire in 1914. Douglass spoke to nearly 700…
  • America’s Oldest Christian Congregation, Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine
    The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine is the oldest Christian congregation in the entire United States with its first meeting in 1565. It is also the oldest Catholic Church in the city of St. Augustine. The beautiful architecture seen around…

Alabama’s Road to Restoration

Follow along as Violet Sky restores this vintage 1972 GMC Stepside pickup alongside her father in a unique adventure through blog posts and videos.

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